The company's Preferred Gender equality could be Greater Profit

Companies that give priority to gender diversity could potentially benefit financially specifically than companies that throw over the principle of gender diversity.

It expressed the President Director and CEO TelkomTelstra Erik Meijer discussion forum of Indonesian women's Forum held in 2018.

He said, the companies that are in the top 25 percent position in gender diversity has the possibility to have a bigger financial gain above average.

Various financial benefits include improved quality of organizational performance, expansion of the range of the talent of human resources, employee satisfaction, innovation and creativity, the effectiveness of decision making, as well as repair the image of the company on its own.

The existence of gender diversity can actually improve the performance of the Organization, because the company can expand the range of talent human resources, enhance the satisfaction of employees, enhance innovation and creativity, improve the effectiveness of decision making, as well as strengthen the image of the company itself, "he said in affidavits in Jakarta, Thursday (7/6/2018).

Erik reveals, during this time, the majority of women in the working world often feel cannot thrive, get the chance, and was promoted to a higher career due to gender issues.

 "On the other hand, many men in the workforce who do not understand the situation of women in the workforce, so that they do not have a commitment to gender diversity issues. But these issues cannot be discussed if it does not include the role of men in it,  "said he.

Based on Group Discussion Forums conducted in Indonesian women's Forum 2018, specified six points policy recommendations that can be applied by companies in Indonesia to increase gender diversity in the work environment.

The short-term recommendations include, first, the diversity of gender became one of the company's commitments with measurable targets and strategies. Second, the process of recruitment and promotion of transparent with methodology and criteria already announced.

Third, implementing flexible work time, both time and place, by building a support system that integrates both in supervision, measurement of the target, and the obvious support facilities (subject to the type of work).

While the long-term recommendations, among others, first, within a period of six months, the Labor Unit formed Anti Harassment sponsored and led by the decision maker (leadership team) and HR to create internal communities.

Second, making the Support of Gender Diversity as one of the KPIS for each manager. Third, the existence of a company program that deals with gender diversity that can be lowered into the KPI employees accountable, and then internally and externally in the form of annual report, but the KPI should be through the process assessment in advance.

Meanwhile, Minister of women empowerment and child protection Yohana Yembise declared the existence of the discussion forum of this kind is essential in supporting Indonesia achieve Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the number 5.1 related women and gender equality.

"Should we could use them as role models to provide inspiration to other companies in Indonesia is related to this important topic," demolished him.

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